Thanks to its multidisciplinary team approach and advanced software, new products can be integrated into serial production quickly and reliably.

Examples of equipment and processes used at Trakya Dökum include:

  • MagmaSoft Simulation software for mould filling and solidification simulations. Unigraphics, CAD/CAM for quick and reliable new products serial production incorporation.

  • Investment in ATOS optical 3D scanning system for reverse engineering to match customer improvements in measuring casting to model.

  • Involvement in the product design at an early stage to produce best practical casting to reduce risk of casting and metallurgical defects.

  • Continuous discussions following the product implementation: Always looking for ways to reduce costs in the process and the product.

  • Skilled engineers interpret information and use the technology to continuously improve both processes and products.

  • Prototype development can also be important to achieve the optimum production method and will enable the customer to obtain what is expected from the design. This involves strong cooperation between foundry and customer.

  • Furthermore, the following continuous improvement and cost reduction studies are performed by the Engineering Department :

    - Increasing the patterns' yield
    - Reducing the models' cycle time
    - Avoiding or reducing additional operations like grinding, fettling, etc.
    - Improving the process design according to lean production principals

  • Rapid development is critical and should reflect the actual production process as close as possible.

  • This department also evaluates technically the castings in customer RFQ's and performs feasibility studies.