The most recent 4th and 5th DISAMATIC lines are 230X machines each with 100 meter long cooling tracks housed in the new custom-built state-of-the-art-foundry building which is completely independent from the original foundry. Both new lines have their own core shop, sand plant and metal production units.

The heated automatic pouring unit utilizes the VISIPOUR Camera system to precisely fill each mould with molten metal at the required temperature. There is also automatic control of inoculation levels to ensure consistent material quality.

  • State of art foundry with fully automatic, synchronized production lines.

  • Waste movement removed from the process.

    RESULT : Continuous flow maintained !   

  • Stable moulding and casting process with much extended cooling track (100 m).

    RESULT : Uniform casting quality and good machineability !


  • 2 DISAMATIC 230-X with AMC and 100 m long SBC cooling lines.

  • 1 DISAMATIC 2013 Mk5A with AMC and 64m long SBC cooling line.

  • 2 DISAMATIC 2013 Mk4A with long AMC and 46m long SBC cooling lines.

  • 2 INDUCTOTHERM pressurised auotomatic pouring units each with 5 tonne useful capacity for pouring grey and nodular iron.

  • 1 ABB pressurised automatic pouring unit with 5 tonne useful capacity for pouring grey and nodular iron.

  • 2 JUNKER pressurised automatic pouring furnaces with 4 tonne useful capacity each for pouring grey and malleable iron.

  • 3 FOSECO 90 and 2 PROGELTA auto-stream line inoculation devices.

  • 1 SELCOM laser-pour and 2 camera VISIPOUR auto-pouring control systems.

  • 3 DISACOOL rotary drums.

  • 3 ACME casting handling systems with vibro conveyors and racetrack.

  • 2 Continuous shot blast machines and other synchronized batch type shot blast machines.

  • 2 APRON conveyors.