The temperature and the chemical composition of the liquid metal are measured after each melt to ensure compliance to strict quality standards.

  • Clean melting with automatic raw material and ferro alloy charging system.

  • Spectrographic analysis of metal at all stages with rapid result distribution.

  • Out of specification is highlighted for quick correction.

    RESULT : High quality consistent casting metallurgy !


  • 8 INDUCTOTHERM medium frequency induction furnaces with "dual-track" controls and up to 10 tons per hour melting capacity each.

  • 3 JUNKER mains frequency induction furnaces with up to 4 tons per hour melting capacity each.

  • 2 SCHENCK and 4 General Kinematics vibratory-feeders for automatic charging of the INDUCTOTHERM induction furnaces.

  • Tundish cover ladles for SG production using Mg Alloy treatment system. Mg wire treatment is also available for SG production.