Product Sizes

Rough and ready-to-use products weighing from 0.1kg up to 30 kg's

The maximum dimensions of casting produced, subject to weight and design.

DISA 230 X 2013 MK 5A
Width (mm.) 535 480
Length (mm.) 750 600
Height (mm.) 150 to 350 150 to 330

The dimensions of casting produced:

DISA 230 X 2013 MK 5A
Width (mm.) 410 360
Length (mm.) 650 500
Height (mm.) 270 250

Additional Operations:

  • Machining, Painting, Galvanising, Assembling


*Note: It may be possible to work outside of the above limitations depending on the shape, design and material grade. Trakya Döküm Engineer's are always happy to help and advise with optimum casting design for the Disamatic process.