ISO 9001 Policy

Quality Policy

Manufacturing is controlled in all departments to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Total quality management is utilized to ensure that we meet all our customers requirements on time.

Quality Management Principals

  • Quality is the responsibility of all employees and is built into all processes.
  • Important process parameters are followed up by SPC.
  • Continuous improvement by means of:
    • PFMEA
    • Lean 6 Sigma
    • Mistake - Proofing System (Poka-Yoke)
    • Kaizen
    • Customer Satisfaction Measurement System
    • 5 S
  • Delivery performance is a key element in customer satisfaction and is a key performance element at Trakya Döküm. Logistics and Production planning is important to delivery performance and is given high priority. JIT, KANBAN, ERP, EDI and other systems are used to ensure the customer receives what he wants - when he wants it - and in the correct quantity and packing.